Sculpture via Rapid Prototyping

From: Michael Rees (
Date: Fri Jun 07 1996 - 23:19:44 EEST

Dear RP-ML

Another implementation of Rapid Prototyping:

I hope it will be of interest for you to learn that I've produced an
edition of 6 sculptures via Stereolithography. The sculpture is entitled
"Aqualine Creature" and has top and bottom shell complimented by
internal organs which are both literal and metaphorical. It is somewhat
reminiscent of the science study model "The Visible Man" though it looks
nothing like a man. The sculpture has a surrealist flavor and is a
continuation of a body of work that I've been doing over a period of 6

 Rapid prototyping and 3D modelling software have become poweful tools
in the creation and conceptualization of my work. Since becoming deeply
involved with CAD, my sculpture practice is 75% digital. The other 25%
is made up of molding and urethane iterations and display constructions.
I am not interested in making "virtual sculptures" but am rather totally
content to use rapid prototyping to create the precise armature which
can then be manipulated via conventional means.

The sculptures were made in collaboration with Kelly Hand and Allen
Nakasoto of Satelite modes in Mountain View, California.

If you are interested to learn more don't hesitate to contact me.
Digital images of the cad model of the sculpture are available for
viewing in your preferred format.


Michael Rees
sculptor (thats zero zero not oh oh)

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