Hausermann's Abrading Machine

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Dear Mr.Garrison Zong,

You wrote:
>I am looking for some information on Hausermann's abrading machines. It
>was reported that graphite EDM electrodes can be easily made using RP
>parts and the Hausermann's machine. Could someone tell me at least
>where this Hausermann company is located or where to find similar
>abrading machines. Also, I would appreciate any comments on making EDM
>electrodes using RP parts as the parent patterns.

I have the following address:

Hausermann Abrading Process Co.
300 Laura Drive
Addison, IL 60101
Tel. (708)543-6688, Fax: (708)543-6689.

An other company which produces this type of machines is the machine tool
manufacturer Ingersoll( at least in Germany).

Abrading has been investigated within the European research project
INSTANTCAM in 1992. On activity was to study new methods to produce EDM
electrodes by using RP techniques.
The conclusions we made at that time were:
-Models produced by RPT can be used to manufacture an abrading tool. This
is valid for abrading tools made out of plastic or steel.
- The direct manufacture of abrading tools by RPT seems possible. This
would open new fields of application for abrading.
- The accuracy of Stereolithography is not sufficient to produce tools
for series production by abrading.

I will send additional informations concerning the abrading process by
fax to you.

Best regards

Hans Mueller

Dipl. Ing. Hans Mueller
Bremen Institute of Industrial Technology and Applied Work Science (BIBA)
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