Re: Chroming STL Parts

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Date: Wed Jun 12 1996 - 18:31:17 EEST

Hi Ross,

My name is Karen Butters and I am the Director of Marketing for Rapid
Prototpying Corporation. RPC is a Colorado-based engineering and prototyping
firm. We offer a process called LTAVD (low-temperature arc vapor deposition).
LTAVD is a physical vapor deposition method that vacuum coats plastics, metals, glass, paper, ceramics, and rubber with metals, alloys, ceramics, and other
semiconducting materials. Because LTAVD is a low-temperature process, it is a
perfect choice for coating cured SLA resins and cast urethane parts.

LTAVD is a great solution for creating conductive, EMI/RFI-shielded,
decorative, or reflective prototypes. Parts can be masked to produce partially
coated results...a good choice for bezels requiring a cosmetic outer surface
and a shielded inner surface. Even long, narrow tubes (such as antenna) are
good candidates for this process. And because the deposition is only a few
Angstroms thick, the dimensional stability is not sacrificed.

In addition, the A and B halves of SLA-grown molds can be vapor-coated
with a metal alloy to stabilize and water seal the SLA mold.

RPC is the sole provider of this technology and we are anxious to share it with others. Please write back to me, or call me at 303-684-0088, to discuss the
specific needs for your project.

Karen Butters

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