Re: Chroming STL Parts

From: Wilhelm Steger (
Date: Wed Jun 12 1996 - 21:27:52 EEST

Hi Ross,

we do tests of plating STL-parts with different metals (chrome, coppper, etc.)
and also different low temperature processes like PVD since about 3 years
and got some quite good results. However, they depend on many parameters
(e.g. resin, post-curing) which require a thorough investigation each. We also
set up a special research project at the University of Stuttgart 2 years ago
to learn more about the 'secrets' of RP parts and plating processes.
If you send your full address I could provide a paper with more details.

Best regards

>I have a customer that is asking us to chrome plate or vacuum metalize a
>StereoLithography part that would go on an automotive mockup. Does anyone
>have any experience with doing this with STL and can you give me references
>to what companies have this capability and if they have any experience with
>the STl resins. Also, can this process be done on LOM parts?
>Ross Gates
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