This month in the Rapid Prototyping Report

Date: Wed Jun 12 1996 - 21:50:19 EEST

This month in the Rapid Prototying Report

**Porsche uses rapid prototyping to optimize the design of its new GT-1
LeMans race car. Porsche's team made transparent stereolithography models of
the car's cooling system and transmission housing in order to visually
monitor the flow of coolant and transmission lubricant. We interview the
engineer in charge of the test and find out what Porsche learned.

**Sanders Prototype, maker of the ModelMaker MM-6PRO ink-jet based rapid
prototyping system receives a patent on its process. We tell you how
technology included in the patent has the potential to make the Sanders
machine a lot faster.

**Rapid prototyping in Japan -- 1995 was a banner year for rapid prototyping
in Japan. We bring you up to date on current market shares and machine sales,
and on the direction Japanese companies are headed.

**Intergraph's Solid Edge -- We tell you why you might want to wait before
buying Solid Edge for rapid prototyping.

**Last chance to visit Hong Kong? The International Conference on
Manufacturing Automation issues a call for papers.

**Business news
        -DTM files a registration with the SEC for an initial public offering
        -3D Systems announces new board members
        -3D sells four new SLAs in Canada

**Calendar of events
        -AUTOFACT Asia
        -Fundamentals of Rapid Prototyping course set for Hong Kong
        -Seventh Annual SFF Symposium in Austin

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