Re: Can any one help?

From: BAU (
Date: Sat Jun 15 1996 - 20:51:42 EEST

>I am looking for some vb code to read stl files ascii&binary
>and also calculate volume and or surface area of a stl file.
>Thanks JJG

Who is JJG ?
What is you e-mail address ?
Please take away your mask (too many secrets ...) !

On 10th and 11th I have been at the Rapid Product Development Conference
in Stuttgart, Germany.
Prof. Osorio from INET, Lisboa, Portugal, gave a very good presentation
about stereolithography build time calculation (in this case for the EOS
Stereos 300). For a precise time calculation (about 2 percent deviation),
he analyses the stl file with a simple c program to gain the part volume
and surface.

That is all I know. For details you better ask A. Osorio at

With kind regards, Juergen Bauer

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