Re: Dupont SOMO6110 resin

From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1996 - 15:17:34 EEST

"William G. Noack" < asked.............

>I have an SLA250 and an considering switching from SL5170 to Dupont
>SOMOS 6110. My main interest is in getting better through put.

What seems to be the problem with through-put? Speed? Build failures?

> Is anyone currently using this resin.
Me.....I have had Somos 6110 for a little over a year.

> How is the accuracy, moisture resistance, finishing, etc. of this material?

Seems about the same in accuracy as any other resin.... Accuracy really
depends on
your machine calibration, operator experience, and environment. I got
6110 because I have about 40-70% humidity in the lab here and being a
university I have little hope of getting an environmentally stable
situation. 6110 seems to like the higher humidity. Post process is not
any problem other than using TMP when I really like to use alcohol. I use
both but TPM works better. I have had a few sticky parts when I insist on
using only the alcohol.

I mainly do ASIC build styles and the parts are really
customers seem to like
the finished parts. I have built a few Quickcast parts and they seem to be
fine and drain well. I do not have any Q-cast parts sitting around so I
can not comment on the aging process of the final parts.

I make sure that with any multiple model builds that I use parameters for
trapped volumes since my machine seems to dislike any such animals and will
destroy any thing that looks like such. I have not used 5170 so I can not
compare build times nor
any other charateristics. I have been a Dupont user since they first
introduced 3110.


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