Re: Expansion of LOM parts

From: J. Michael New (
Date: Mon Jun 17 1996 - 20:50:30 EEST

Steve_Farentinos reveals:
> Bill,
> We have spent countless hours trying to document and control part growth on
> LOM. The growth is due to the absorbtion of moisture by the paper during
> and after the build. Each paper type has its own characteristics with
> respect to moisture and the shape of the part (surface area relative to
> volume) can have an effect as well. We usually compensate for this growth
> by scaling the STL file prior to building. Also, it is important to seal
> the part immediatley after decubing.

How do you scale your parts? I would guess you would have one scaling
factor for the build direction and one for perpendicular to it.

And is the expansion uniform accross feature sizes and wall thicknesses?
How do you calculate your scaling factors?

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