Re: DuPont SOMOS 6110 - reposting

From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Wed Jun 19 1996 - 03:10:44 EEST

My earlier posting on this subject is somewhat messy as Bill's original letter and my reply got mixed up. I am reposting it for clearness. Now, my reply is italicized.

William G. Noack writes:
Hello All,
I have an SLA250 and an considering switching from SL5170 to Dupont
SOMOS 6110. My main interest is in getting better through put.
 *********6110 is nearly twice as fast as 5170.
Is anyone currently using this resin.

How is the accuracy,
moisture resistance,
**********in the past two months, relative humidity varied from 8 to 46% in our SLA room. Parts **********were built just fine.
Has anyone produced Quickcast patterns from this resin?
***********We haven't built any so far.


We have been beta testing SOMOS-6110. As of today, we built about 150 customer parts. In general, parts are comparable to 5170 parts. In fact, once parts are finished, it is difficult to tell if they are made of 5170 or 6110. Bubbles appeared to be fewer or the same and vertical walls appeared smoother. Horizontal surfaces showed a little more distortion (when checked with a straight edge) than their 5170 counterparts. Speed wise, 6110 is nearly twice as fast as 5170. This significant difference in build speed was a big incentive for us to try 6110 in the first place.

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