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Date: Thu Jun 20 1996 - 14:33:56 EEST


> I am a student researcher at Argonne National Laboratory doing reverse
>engineering. We are interested in dimensionally comparing x-ray CT image
>of a rapid prototype to original CAD files. I'm interested in knowing
about any
>applications in which image slices or 3-D point clouds and CAD slices or
>drawings may be viewed and analyzed together.

Besides our own software, we use the Surfacer package from Imageware for
such purposes.
It has the ability to do a cloud-to-surface difference plot, so you can
see the difference between points and a 3D surface CAD model. The second
possibility are slices, just as you mentioned.
Imageware has some pr pages at, or you send e-mail to for detailed questions.

Hope this helps.

With kind regards, Juergen Bauer

P.S.: I am NOT paid by Imageware - dont flame me for this !

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