RE: Zephyr Recoater on SLA

From: Steve Deak (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 00:13:26 EEST

Kamesh Tata wrote:

>Wait, the story is not complete yet. We had four to five crashes in the
past ten days on these machines. None of the crashes was trapped volume
related. Nothing appeared to be wrong with the build files. Mysteriously,
the same files ran fine the second time. We have Buildstation software 1.8
on both the machines. Could it be due to lack of repeatability?

I had "phantom" blade crashes on my SLA-500/30 (no zephyr) until 3D replaced
the e-prom chip with a later version. Like yourself, I had blade crash
errors without any "physical" reason. I would retry the part and get good
builds. The problem got progressively worse until I figured it was a
machine problem and not a setup problem. I'm currently running
buildstation software.

Can't wait for our zephyr upgrade, it seems to address most of our greatest
build challenges (we'll see).

Steve Deak
Hasbro Toy Group
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
Steve Deak
Hasbro Toy Group
Cincinnati, OH USA
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