RE: Zephyr Recoater on SLA

From: Kamesh Tata (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 16:37:30 EEST

        Dan wrote:
Steve / Kamesh,
We have received our zephyr upgrade for our SLA500 and have been told by
3DSystems field service to delay the installation until "bug fixes" are
implemented into the software. ......................

Have you heard any details that might correlate your crashes to software
bugs? Thanks.

Dan Sammons
Design Prototyping Technologies
315-434-1869 voice

No. We haven't heard anything that relate these mysterious crashes to the software. Personally, I would like to go back to 1.7.4. Now we have the zephyr installed on our second 500 also. This was about a week ago. We retained 1.7.4 on this machine intentionally. (BTW, on the other 500 we have 1.8) Until now we haven't experienced any crashes on this machine. I guess we need to wait for another week or so to confirm if it is anything to do with the software.

In the meantime, as suggested by Steve, we are getting our eprom checked . Thank you Steve for your input.


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