Re: rp-ml

Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 18:03:52 EEST

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Subject: rp-ml
Author: at CCGATE
Date: 6/20/96 9:24 PM

Hi all
I dont know about you but I see both a plus and a minus concerning the fact
that all mailings are now from rather than the sender.
The plus is I can now archive my mail so that these mailings now go into a
separate mailbox labelled 'rp-ml'.
The minus is I can no longer hit the reply button to send just to the
sender. Something of a waste of bandwidth and I have to think a little more
about the validity of my 'global' comments. Ive upset enough people as it is
over the years - I dont want a system that makes that even easier.
It is also much more of a problem to find out who the sender actually is.

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