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From: Steve_Farentinos (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 23:02:00 EEST

Knudsen Charles wrote:
> I'm very interested in finding any articles, published or unpublished, on
> wax injection mold tools made by any rapid prototype process.


We have built several wax injection tools using the LOM process. One of these is
featured on the cover of Foundary magazine this month.

In our experience, the LOM tools will hold-up for around 100 injections, depending on
geometry, using wax at 150 degrees F at 150 PSI (sometimes more). We have built LOM
tools in size ranges from a few inches cube to 30 X 20 X 5 inches, (our largest to

The trickiest part on these projects has been the CAD work involved in creating the
"female" halves of the mold from our customer's CAD solid, especially when a complicated
parting line is involved. This can take up to several days.


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