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Date: Sat Jun 22 1996 - 07:52:15 EEST

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> Subj: rp-ml
> Date: 96-06-20 22:18:19 EDT
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> Hi all
> I dont know about you but I see both a plus and a minus concerning the
> that all mailings are now from rather than the sender.

Mail programs can be set up differently. My mail (AOL-definitely NOT the
greatest) gives me the above "short" header, with a full nasty detail header
at the bottom of the message. A reply does go to rp-ml, but the short header
clearly indicates the author. I believe some mail packages, such as Eudora or
Pegasus, can be set up to deal with these factors in a variety of ways.

What is a matter of the list server, and what I have on my wish list, is for
the day's activity on rp-ml to be delivered as a single chunk in a digest
form. This would simplify my mail-browsing considerably.

Rob Lloyd

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