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> What is a matter of the list server, and what I have on my wish
> list, is for the day's activity on rp-ml to be delivered as a single
> chunk in a digest form. This would simplify my mail-browsing
> considerably.

The disadvantage of mail list digests is like in their natural
counterpart: If you want to reply to a single message or to the
author personally, you have a hard time to set the addresses right,
edit the text, etc.

Moreover, the direct correlation between a subject in the header and
the substance of the article is much clearer in single messages than
in bulk clusters. I prefer the single mails. IMNSHO, they allow to follow (or
kill) certain threads very effectively.

I would appreciate, however, if people leave their computer for some
time and install an automatic reply telling the ROW that they are
out, that these people try to set their systems such that this reply
is not sent out for each single mail list message.


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