Re: Bumpy Surface on SLA parts

From: Joseph DeGuglielmo (L) (jfdegug@Kodak.COM)
Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 16:30:53 EEST

Victor Devadas wrote:
> I am an SLA user, for the past 1 year. The resin used is the SL5170. I
> have built flat surfaces in the past with out much problem. However
> recently whenever I build a part that have a flat surface, about 100mm X
> 100mm or more, the surface i.e. bottom surface in contact with the
> supports appear to be bumpy. I have reduced the hatch spacing (Box) to .05mm
> and there was some good improvement.But not complete!. Has anyone out
> there experienced a similar situation who I could discuss with.Are your supports coming through or is it something else that is causing
bumps? You could possibly need to strain any loose floating remneants
from previous builds. We have found it nessesary to do this on a regular
basis, like two or three times a year.


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