Re: Zephyr Recoater on SLA

From: Bruce okkema (
Date: Thu Jun 27 1996 - 21:26:21 EEST

Scott A. Jewson wrote:
> Bruce,
> We are set to get the Zephyr upgrade next week, Please if you could
> enlighten me on this process you went through as we would like to try to avoid
> the phanton crashes involved with the Zephyr system. Thanks in advance for all
> your help.
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> E-MailScott and all,
1. Before taking down your machine, make sure the SE has been sent all
the parts for the upgrade. Our kit was missing a wiring harness and
vacuum interface.
2. After we got the parts and completed the upgrade we got several
messages from the elevator and the sweeper similar to: "travel less than
expected distance" and "fatal error, recovered from blade stall" (which
I don't consider a recovery). There was actually nothing hitting or
stopping this travel and thus it was "phantom". The cause for this was
a conflict/addressing problem between the 1.8 buildstation software and
the elevator and sweeper controller board. Not knowing the cause, we
went back to the 1.7.4 software and the problem went away along with
some of the 1.8 software enhancements. Once the E-prom was replaced on
the controller, we reloaded the 1.8 software and started having real
blade crashes.
3. Make sure the physical blade gap is set properly.
4. Adjust your build and recoating parameters to suite your machine.
5. Get a good night's sleep!!

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