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Date: Mon Dec 02 1996 - 20:58:47 EET

> How far back does this technology exist?
> Who were the pioneers?

In '88 I contributed to Cubital an interface to Siemens skull data,
and this specific model was actually built then. (As far as I can
recall stereolithography medical models were already presented at
that time [more or less], too.) In the early 90's we also interfaced
Cemax data, and later Elscint data. Several models were built within
Cubital; other models were built by customers which own Cubital machines.

There have been several publications on RP in medicine in the
early 90's. The earliest I have in my library (I'm pretty sure it's
not the first, though) is:
Klein, H.M, Schneider, W., Alzen, G., Voy, E.D., G\"{u}nter, R.W.
{\em Pediatric craniofacial surgery: Comparison of milling and
     stereolithography for 3D model manufacturing},
Pediatric Radiology 22 (1992), 458--460.


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