Solicitating bids for used Sanders Machine

Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 19:27:45 EET

From: John W. Bryant, Sr. Dev. Engr., MR&E - MSTD/OMT EQUIP MFG,2/4/EP
Tel.:716-253-1929, Fax:716-726-5250
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Subject: Solicitating bids for used Sanders Machine
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From: John W. Bryant, Sr. Dev. Engr., MR&E - MSTD/OMT EQUIP MFG,2/4/EP
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Subject: Solicitating bids for used Sanders Machine
Eastman Kodak Company (KEMD) is soliciting bids for the purchase of used
production equipment. Attached is a listing of the item(s) which have become
surplus and available for sale. We offer these item(s) where as is. Descrip-
tions are provided. There is no warranty written or implied; payment must be
cash or cetified check on receipt of goods.
Bids should include any additional innovative or unique service that would be
All bids must be in writing and received at the address indicated by 10:00
AM no later than January 24, 1997.
Contracts shall be awarded solely at the discretion of Eastman Kodak. Eastman
Kodak reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
Your bid will represent a binding offer to purchase in accordance with its
terms and upon acceptance by Eastman Kodak will constitute a contract between
the bidder and Eastman Kodak.
Please address all inquiries and correspondence to:
               Eastman Kodak Company
               Kodak Equipment Manufacturing Division
               901 Elmgrove Road
               Rochester, New York 14653-5707
               Attn: Barb Wallace
                      Building 9 East
                      Fax & (716) 726-1889
                                                    Robert G. Ras
                                                    Senior Buyer
                                                    Capital and MRO Purchasing
                                                    Tel & (716) 726-0048
                            Release of Liability
It is understood that the items awarded as detailed in the surplus equipment
letter to the undersigned, dated __________________ , are sold by Eastman
Kodak Company in "AS IS" condition. As such, they are sold without warranty
or guarantee (expressed or implied) or any other liability on the part of
Eastman Kodak Company, any of its associated companies and/or their employees.
The undersigned (by purchase) assumes all responsibility for any cause or thing
related to or arising from the purchase and whatever uses the undersigned or
any other persons may make of the items purchased, including, without
limitation, injury to persons including death and loss of or damage to property
, and the undersigned agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Eastman Kodak
Company from any claims or demands arising from any such cause, injury, damage
or loss.
                                          Company Name
                                          Signature of Officer
                                 Surplus List
Quanity 1
Description MM-6B Model Maker Rapid Prototyping Machine
Model & Machine: MM-6B PC - Pentium 90, 16MB RAM
Serial & Machine: A10 Computer: 03599 CRT: A90-41802870
Date Purchased November 1994
Original Cost $67,500 Total; $55,000 machine
Options Keyboard Unit w/ Cable
                         Mouse Unit w/Cable
                         Vacuum Unit with Vacuum Hose and Power Cable
                         Power CAbles (for Modeler, Controller, & Monitor)
                         Wide Ribbon Cable (for Controller/Modeler Interconnect
                         RS-485 Cable (for Controller/Modeler Interconnect)
                         2 lbs. ProtoBuild Material
                         13 lbs. ProtoSupport Material
                         2 ProtoBase Foam Substrates w/ adhesive backing
                         24 ProtoTape Validation Paper Tape Streamer Rolls
                         6 Aluminum Build Plate Assembly
                         1 copy of MS-DOS w/ OEM license, Windows 3.1, POGO
                         Model Works 3.1.30, and Set of Documentation
                         1 set of Material Data Sheets for ProtoBuild,
                         ProtoSupport, ProtoBase, and ProtoLube
                         1 Special ProtoTool Kit
                                                  Bid Price $ ________________
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