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Date: Sat Jan 11 1997 - 17:34:18 EET

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Cameri, (No) - ITALY
January 10th 1997

Promau Engineering srl, Italy's leading provider of rapid prototyping and
rapid tooling services to industry, announced today that it has concluded
an agreement to purchase Stelit srl of Trento, Italy. Founded in 1989,
Stelit was the first company in Italy to install a rapid prototyping
system, and the first service bureau to set up operations in this country.
It is today a major player in this rapidly growing sector.

The purchase of Stelit will enable Promau Engineering to consolidate its
already leading position in the industry. The two main considerations
governing the purchase are: 1) to expand the company's presence in the
prosperous north-eastern Veneto region of Italy, and (2) to provide a
bridgehead for access to the nearby German market.

Plans for 1997/98 include the acquisition of new technologies, which will
permit both companies to offer a broader range of services to customers, as
well as a significant expansion of the present workforce.

The Promau Group services include 3D CAD construction, rapid prototyping,
and small-series production of parts in plastics (vacuum casting) and
metals (investment casting).

For more information, contact the undersigned, or:

Promau - Giorgio Mondadori - tel. +39 (0)321.510390
Stelit - Ignazio Pomini - tel. +39 (0)461.935983


Yakov Horenstein, Marketing Manager
Promau Engineering srl
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28062 Cameri (NO), ITALY
Tel: +39 (0)321 510390 [Direct: +39 (0)2 653512]
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