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Price Increase on the RP Demos and Utilities CD

        Commerce Twp, Michigan,-- Denton and Company has announced the retail price of the Rapid Prototpying Demos and Utilities CD-ROM will be increased to $99.95 from $29.95 effective January 31st 1997. The CD contains demos of the major .stl file support generators and file viewers. The software included: Magics from Materialise, Rapid Tools from DeskArtes, the Rapid Prototyping Module from Imageware, Solid View beta v2.0 from Solid Concepts and many others. Also included on the CD is a rich collection of .stl files that range from the most popular benchmark parts to Cubitals Brain Gear.

        The collection of software supports multiple computer platforms from Windows 3.1 to SGI Unix and more. According to Karl Denton, President of Denton and Company, Inc., the idea came after several of the software companies sent out demos of their software. "This provides the potential purchaser with virtually all of the available software on one CD that he or she can evaluate"

        The CD-ROM which has retail price of $99.95 also contains two Windows3.1/95 specific programs; Microsoft's Explorer v2.0 which will allow the user to explore the World Wide Web and Rapid Prototyping related sites, and Ipswitch's WS_FTP (LE) a Windows based FTP client that will allow the user to transfer files to and from other Internet sites.

Denton and Company, Inc. also produces the Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Resource Guide, the RP industries first electronic database of "Who's Who" in the industry.

        For more information, contact Denton and Company, Inc. The Preserve Office Park, 4778 Greenview Court, Commerce Twp., MI, 48382. Founded in 1994, Denton and Company is a full service industry consultant specializing in rapid prototyping and peripheral technologies.


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