Re: Nylon 66 Glass filled

Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 01:42:10 EET

     DTM's SLS can produce 50% Glass Filled Nylon... Other choice would be
     a machined (could be CAM/CNC) Nylon 66... At one time I could get
     blocks for machining... Other choice is injection protomold...
     Call if we can be of assistance... we could facilitate any of three.
     Jim Williams, CEO
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
     1.215.757.9611 x229
     1.215.757.9784 fax

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Subject: Nylon 66 Glass filled
Author: Victor Devadas <> at INTERNET
Date: 1/13/97 11:33 AM

To anyone who can suggest some methods on how to prototype parts that is
made from nylon 66 glass filled.
I have an SLA and a LOM machine, but recently one client has requested
that I produce 10 prototypes made from nylon 66 glass filled. Is there an
RP machine that can do this or should resort to other secondary processes.
Any help is most appreciated.

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