RP and packing problem

From: Ilkka Tapio Ikonen (itikon01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 05:33:35 EET

Some folks were asking if there exists a software or a way to check part
intersection in a RP machine. I am currently doing my dissertation research on
the topic. I am using part STL files directy to check intersection in 3D (not
in layers). Program will read part STL files and find a good packing for them.
Meaning, it tries to pack them as tightly as possible without part
or build envelope intersections. This program is meant to be a tool for human operator
who otherwise have to try countless number of possibilities to pack even a
small number (10) of parts.

Because parts made in a SLS machine don't require any extra supports and are
not restricted in build orientation or location, they are the most fun to play
with. Also LOM machines come to mind.

Yes, there are restrictions also in SLS machine, but these will be handled as
special cases. Human operator still has to do some work :-(

More about this at the SME RP conference in April (not an ad).


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