From: Lightman, Allan J. (
Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 04:08:00 EET

Dear computer mavens and wizards,

I would like to canvas the collective wisdom of the computer hardware
expertise associated with the high-technology RP environment. I am about to
upgrade some computer facilities and I have been attracted to some new PC
systems. Their benchmarks look very impressive, even when stacked against
the R10000 SGIs, and the new 3D graphics drivers indicate that graphics
performance will soon be comparable to the venerable IMPACT series. And the
price is mighty attractive too. I am talking about the 500MHz DEC Alpha
systems in the single and dual CPU configurations with 128MB to 512MB RAM.
 Has anyone on this list used these systems and, if so, would you kindly
address the following questions.

1) Are you running Pro/Engineer on a DEC Alpha Platform running WindowsNT
3.51? Any other CAD package?
2) How about WindowsNT4.0?
3) Has anyone used "clone" alphas from Enorex or Aspen Systems (or any
others)? Comments please.
4) Have you used the FX|32 Intel Binary Translation software on these
systems? How is the performance?
5) What 3D Graphics accelerators (other than those listed on the PTC
compatibility list) work with these systems?
6) Has anyone used a Glyder Glint300SX 3D accelerator board with these
systems? If yes, how well does it perform (ref. SGI)?

If you have experience to share, it would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Allan Lightman
University of Dayton Research Institute

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