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Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 22:53:20 EET

I apprechiate your companies candor on this matter and the opinion that
there are no grounds for disputes based on prior art (though obviously
competitors may take issue with this and that's where the problem is). As a
person who is interested in proposing better, quicker and cheaper, ways to
resolve IP (intellectual property) issues, I will look forward to seeing how
your company will handle these issues (if any) in the future. I am
advocating that many more companies in America, should pursue binding
arbitration to settle adversarial IP disputes (conducted by a panel of
experts) rather than going the ridiculously expensive, long drawn out, and
even dubious, litigation route (attorneys, juries and judges are not
qualified to objectively decide highly technical disputes). IMO businesses
should start to seek alternative "business" solutions for such complex
matters and not enrich the legal community, which makes windfall profits
from such disputes. It is not after all a statutory requirment that IP
disputes be resolved in the courts. I would welcome any other opinions on
this issue (either private or public) particularly from any CEO's out there
who are tired of wasting millions of dollars on legal fees.

George Sachs
Paradyme Systems

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