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Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 22:21:03 EET

How can you be:

"committed to avoiding illusion and being open, honest and thorough, with
our customers and competitors alike"


"No competitor has viewed AAROFLEX technology or any of our commercial
systems currently in production."???

Just a question.

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On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, K. Kaisha Halcli wrote:

> For further information:
> K. Kaisha Halcli, Vice President
> 703.573.0690 -
> FAIRFAX, VIRGINIA, USA, January 14, 1997 - AAROFLEX, Inc. has received
> numerous inquiries related to the lawsuit reportedly filed by an industry
> competitor alleging infringement and unfair competition by our company. As
> has been true since our entry in the marketplace, we are committed to
> avoiding illusion and being open, honest and thorough, with our customers
> and competitors alike, related to our technology, our equipment and our
> business activities.
> The general concept of "stereolithography" is not protected under any
> patents held by the companies manufacturing commercially-available rapid
> prototyping systems. The partial concept, previously referred to as
> "photo-glyph recording" by patent holder Otto John Munz, was first
> introduced to the public domain upon the expiration of his US patent
> 2,775,758 in 1973. Articles published by the Japanese researcher Hideo
> Kodama in 1981 and 3M's (not to be confused with 3D) Alan J. Herbert in 1982
> further established the concept as public domain material. Patent
> infringement in the area of stereolithography, then, entails infringement in
> the specific mechanics, not the more general functions and features, of a
> stereolithography system -- somewhat similar to the product differentiations
> in the makes and models of cars, computers or coffee makers. The extensive
> patent protection in this area which has been awarded the I.E. DuPont de
> Nemours and Company (DuPont) and 3D Systems, Inc. complemented by the
> current applications of AAROFLEX, Inc. serve to solidify and protect these
> companies' dominance in the stereolithography marketplace in the United States.
> AAROFLEX, Inc. acquired certain patent rights to the DuPont solid imaging
> ("stereolithography") technology in 1995. Since 1993, AAROFLEX, Inc. and
> its predecessor organization have been developing new subsystems and, as a
> result, AAROFLEX, Inc. has several patent applications in process. To date,
> AAROFLEX has received no cease and desist letters from any competitor
> related to our technology nor has AAROFLEX been served with any formal
> complaints. No competitor has viewed AAROFLEX technology or any of our
> commercial systems currently in production. Therefore, any lawsuit alleging
> infringement by our equipment would be based upon assumption -- not fact.
> When, and if, AAROFLEX receives service of a formal complaint, we will issue
> a public statement and will aggressively defend the interests of our
> customers, our company, and the healthy competitive environment of this
> industry. We continue to look forward to contributing to the advancement
> and growth of rapid prototyping technologies and applications and will
> endeavor to continue business as usual. AAROFLEX welcomes the opportunity,
> once and for all, to clarify our position in the marketplace and prove our
> technology and equipment among the users of rapid prototyping technologies.
> AAROFLEX, Inc. is manufacturer of the AAROFLEX Solid Imager, a rapid
> prototyping system, based upon the public domain concept which has come to
> be called "stereolithography", the patented advancements of DuPont and the
> further enhancements of AAROFLEX, Inc.

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