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Date: Wed Jan 15 1997 - 17:10:56 EET wrote:
> One of our Lockheed Martin employees in the Northeast is looking
> for a Stereolithography service bureau to produce a copy of a CT
> scan of his son's skull for medical purposes. Unfortunately we
> cannot take this on because of funding (the government doesn't
> like us doing freebees). Does anyone know of a service bureau in
> or around Nashua New Hampshire? Also, if anyone knows of a
> research lab that would be willing to take this on free of
> charge, please let me know.
> Thanks in advance for your time.

Dear Lynda,

Medical Modeling Corporation has been in the business of creating SLA
models from patient CT scan data for about two years. During this time
we have seen our models used for many different purposes which range
from presurgical planning and patient consent to the fabrication of
"customized" implants. Medical Modeling Corporation is focused solely
on the medical market, thus providing the patient with the best service
possible. Our staff of is comprised of biomedical and design
engineers. We have seen good success in insurance companies willingness
to pick up the charges for these kind of models, especially when working
with an implant company.

Marshall Burns wrote:
> Lynda, has your friend looked into whether his insurance would cover
> it? I have wondered when the insurance companies are going to recognize
> the cost and mortality reductions available from doing presurgical
> models. Does anyone out there know anything about any decisions by
> insurance companies one way or the other on this?
> Best regards,
> Marshall Burns

In the case of some implant manufacturers the insurance companies are
definitely seeing the cost savings from producing a model
pre-surgically. The insurance companies are seeing this like they
should. The advantages: 1) a cost savings in terms of operating room
time, 2) a reduction of the number of surgeries needed to bring a
patient to their final outcome, 3) a great tool for patient
understanding and consent, and 4) a very accurate way of pre-bending or
manufacturing a "customized" implant. We're having almost 100% coverage
for our models, it just takes some pre-planning and approval prior to

Studies are also in the works to bring a comprehensive data set to the
insurance companies. This study would look at cost/benefit of providing
models for patients in need.

Lynda, we would be happy to look into getting insurance approval for the
young man's model to be fabricated. If there are any questions, don't
hesitate to call.

Andy Christensen
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