Re: SERVICE BUREAU'S For Medical Model

From: Robert Thompson (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 01:21:01 EET

Dear Lynda,

Anatomics here at the Queensland Manufacturing Institute could make you a
facial or skull model at our normal rate which I think you will find is
reasonable. If the model is a face only, the cost is usually about $US 800,
and a skull would cost up to $US 2000, but this could be significantly less
if the skull is small.
We have done cases from the US before, where we have received the data via
e-mail, and shipped the biomodel back promptly via express courier.
Alternatively, you could send us the data on DAT once we determined the
format. Anyway, have a look at our web site ( and
see what you think.

Robert Thompson

At 02:56 PM 15/1/97 -0500, you wrote:
>One of our Lockheed Martin employees in the Northeast is looking
>for a Stereolithography service bureau to produce a copy of a CT
>scan of his son's skull for medical purposes. Unfortunately we
>cannot take this on because of funding (the government doesn't
>like us doing freebees). Does anyone know of a service bureau in
>or around Nashua New Hampshire? Also, if anyone knows of a
>research lab that would be willing to take this on free of
>charge, please let me know.
>Thanks in advance for your time.
>Lynda Hurley
>Rapid Prototyping Lab
>Orlando, Florida

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