Insurance for medical models

From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 14:50:36 EET

Lynda Hurley wrote.....
>> for a Stereolithography service bureau to produce a copy of a CT
>> scan of his son's skull for medical purposes. Unfortunately we

Marshall Burns wrote........
> Lynda, has your friend looked into whether his insurance would cover
>it? I have wondered when the insurance companies are going to recognize
>the cost and mortality reductions available from doing presurgical
>models. Does anyone out there know anything about any decisions by
>insurance companies one way or the other on this?

To all....I am a big advocate of educating insurance companies, doctors,
and lawyers about the use of medical models. Until the current way of
thinking is changed by users insisting upon a medical model...this change
is likely to be slow. The medical community is often more ignorant than we
as patients like to believe. Of course they may fear a loss of income
since litigation could become obsolete. Naw.........I must be still asleep
and dreaming.


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