Ref: RP MAchine and Multiple Parts

Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 04:24:22 EET

 "Life is NP-Hard." said Dr. Gill Barequet and so is 3D containment problem. We
 have good discussion about the problem like mathemeticians do. What I miss is
 the point of view of an engineer. We as engineers appreciate and gain from the
 mathemeticians, but at times we do not wait for them to prove and still find
 some thing worth to humanity.

 May I pose some more queries?
   - People who use such RP systems that generate supports like FDM, What is
   their experiance in producing multiple parts?
   -What are the good nesting softwares available in market apart from
   SolidView ?
   -Did some of you produced parts in one go which almost fill the available
   RP space?

   Regards and good wishes,

   A. D. Bhatt

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