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From: Ian Gibson (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 10:39:16 EET

Amazing! 12 months after it started, I note that the internet conference on
rapid product development is still active. Whats more, someone actually
asked a new question as recently as December last year. So if you want to
visit and read/download the papers, set your browser to

in particular, there is a paper by Brock Hinzmann that never got enough air

Anyway, the reason for my posting is to ask a couple of questions:-

- shall we try another conference? The www has matured significantly since
the last one and a lot of lessons were learnt in terms of trying to overcome
the lack of discussion. So a new conference would look quite a bit different
with more contributers, shorter papers covering a wider range of issues.

- the guy who posted the question in the conference recently must have
accidently wandered in because he knew virtually nothing about rp. However
he was interested enough to ask a few questions that were of the Frequently
Asked Question variety. This prompts the question - is there a FAQ somewhere
out there? I know there are plenty of home pages that contain nearly all the
info to place in a FAQ. But is there such an animal in existence that
presents the info in the form of questions/answers?



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