Bubbles and UFOs

From: Jordan_Joe (jordan_joe@CCMAIL.ncsc.navy.mil)
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 20:52:02 EET

     We have been operating an SLA 190/20 for about 18 months now. We use
     Solid Concepts Viewer,Support Generator, and Support Slicer. Also we
     use the DOS Desktop Object Slice that came with our machine. We plan
     to upgrade to a 250/50 or 350/10 in the future (I hope so) as the use
     of the machine is on a steady increase as word gets out. But for now
     this is it. The two main problems (beside long z waits and small build
     platform) I have are bubbles and unidentified floating objects.
     Bubbles seem to occur more in thinner walls. I have tried setting my
     pre-dip as high as 30 sec. per layer, and have decrease my z
     acceleration and velocity to .1 to try to allow any vapors time to
     escape the surface of the part. This has helped some. Also on builds
     with multiple copies of the same part, bubbles will appear in
     different places depending on their position on the work platform.
     The other problem I have are bumps and sheet like bodies that are
     attached to the part or just floating about making a mess. At present
     I only have the 3dverify program that came with our machine to verify
     the integrity of the stl part.
     Joe Jordan
     Coastal Systems Station USN
     Panama City, Fl.

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