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Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 00:54:46 EET

Andy Christensen wrote:
> Your efforts for Lynda Hurley's colleague are commendable. Having been
> in this business for two years, we feel it is our duty to add a little
> bit on input. There are a few points that I would like to make on this
> same matter.
> The value added by a medical bureau in this situation is the
> "cleanup" of the CT scan.
I agree totally. Here is the "brains" (no pun intended)of the effort, in the data
creation/manipulation. Someone skilled in this area is necessary before I can be of

My skill is in accurate creation of SL models. I've been in the industry for a few
years from Aerospace to toys, and have built many complex shapes including
CT-originated data. However, typical input for Hasbro's RP lab is Pro/E, UG, AutoCAD
and .stl. Other than that, my data manipulation tools are limited.
> 3) Just as industrial parts have a potential to make money, so do
> anatomical parts. If the boy's father (and ultimately the surgeon) wish
> to proceed with a model that will be used to evaluate the child's
> anatomical situation, I think that this should be handled start to
> finish by a respected medical bureau.
> By all means, if someone willing and more qualified wants to help, please do. If it
were me, I'd want the best person on the job. I can only build an SL model, not
create data or discern bone geometry.

> I would be glad to speak with the surgeon on this case and discuss the
> re-imbursement possibilities. Oh, and by the way, a full skull .stl
> file would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 35MB and would tie up an
> SLA-250 for better than 2 days. Not to come down hard here, but these
> models are being used for very serious purposes and there are
> specialists who do this kind of work every day of the week.

I intend to build this on our SLA-500, which would probably equate to 30 hours or so.
 I'd probably build a Nerf Launcher, Tonka Truck Body or a Playskool Medical Case with
it to fill the machine. We build files in the 100Mb range regularly, I love detail
and fine facets.
Our intention is to help, not enter the Medical field. However, I believe the concern
here is an SL model would be useful but not created due to Health Insurance issues.
Hasbro has a heart and we're willing to help. We don't do freebies regularly, but this
one tugs at your heart. I'm proud to be a part of the Hasbro.

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