Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 00:52:19 EET

     My compliments to Hasbro and you for taking this on... If Imageware is
     out there I wonder if they can convert the CT image to STL?
     P.S. If the LM employee needs a duplicate of his sons skull, for
     whatever reason, Paramount would be willing to produce an RTV and a
     urethane cast at no cost...Just a thought.
     Best Regards,
     Jim Williams, CEO
     Paramount Industries, Inc.
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Author: Steve Deak <> at INTERNET
Date: 1/17/97 3:27 PM

Lynda Hurley wrote:
> >One of our Lockheed Martin employees in the Northeast is looking
> >for a Stereolithography service bureau to produce a copy of a CT
> >scan of his son's skull for medical purposes. Unfortunately we
> >cannot take this on because of funding (the government doesn't
> >like us doing freebees). Does anyone know of a service bureau in
> >or around Nashua New Hampshire? Also, if anyone knows of a
> >research lab that would be willing to take this on free of
> >charge, please let me know.
> >
> >Thanks in advance for your time.
> >Dear RP world:
I have approached Hasbro's upper management concerning this particular
issue. I will build the skull model FREE OF CHARGE if this will be of
medical benefit.
I will need an STL file, so I challenge someone to convert the CT images
to an STL file and send them to me.
Let's do it!!

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