Skull Model Update

From: Steve Deak (
Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 09:44:16 EET

I believe the RP community is due an update as to what has transpired
today with regards to the skull medical model.

I spoke with the boy's father by telephone and found the CT image data is
on 8mm tape, taken from a Picker PQ2000. The data will be sent to
Scientific Measurement Systems (SMS), Austin, Texas (USA) as Jim Rollins
has expressed an interest in creating the STL file from the CT data. The
boy's father gave permission for anyone to access the CT data should
anyone want to assist in this effort.

Jim Rollins at SMS said he will use Materialise's latest software to
create the STL file at no charge.

Hasbro Toy Group has offered to build the SL model at no charge from the
STL data.

Surgery to reconstruct lower and upper jaw, cheek and eye socket area of
the 14 year-old boy is scheduled for February 11, 1997. The patient was
born with the condition to be corrected. The boy's father is quite
touched with the outpouring of interest from all over the world (and is
amazed how fast word travels).

Several of today's rp-ml messages (Especially the messages which deal
with insurance-related issues) have been forwarded to the boy's father to
give him other views expressed concerning how this procedure should be
accomplished and other contact persons for further reference.

All this in a couple of days. Now the real work begins. Lets hope this
is successful. We welcome any and all additional assistance in this
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