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> I would challenge those in academia who monitor this list to explain
> why their colleges in medicine are not embracing and exploring RP
> technology. There are RP Systems in many engineering schools
> throughout the U.S, but few in medical schools. Why is it that
> little of the grant moneys acquired by medical education
> institutions is earmarked for RP research? The only answer I can
> think of is that they do not see it as having much potential
> benefit. It is obviously not a high priority.
 You have to figure in the power of attorneys here. The unfamous White
 patent, its varying owners some of whom paid vast amounts of money to own
 document did everything to deterr people from producing models for
 the mass market. One California based company scared off everyone who
 tried to enter that arena. Ironically, the prior art that makes this
 patent factually invalid is very little known and came up only two or
 three years ago.

Dear Mr. Klegis et al:

Could someone enlighten us on the "unfamous White patent"? It may actually
be infamous, but for me at least it's unfamous. Is it an EPO patent?

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