1997 NASUG Conference

From: John Thiell (jthiell@proex.com)
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 22:46:26 EET

Hello fellow North American and worldwide SLA users,

        The upcoming NASUG Conference is approaching quickly and I would like to ask for some assistance from you. The agenda for the conference is still not full! There is room for the following presentations:

3 slots for SLA applications (Monday morning)
4 slots for plastic injection molding applications (Tuesday morning)
2 slots for metal casting applications (Tuesday afternoon)
7 slots for software, secondary processes, and resins (Thursday morning)

If anyone is interested in this opportunity, contact me (see below) ASAP to get into the agenda.

        Also, there are NO entries for the SLA Excellence Award competition. This competition is open to all SLA users showing their parts and projects at the parts fair on Monday evening. The winner of this competition is awarded two all expense paid tickets to the 1997 European SLA User Group meeting (time and location to be determined). If anyone is interested in this competition, please contact me (see below) or Denise Howard at 3D Systems (805)295-5600 ext. 2241 immediately.

        Thank you for your consideration in these matters. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me anytime.

1997 NASUG Chairman
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