Re: Skull Model Update

From: Thomas G. Loebig (
Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 18:17:41 EET

Terry and all,

There was a segment on the Discovery channel in the US about two years ago,
about Paul d'Urso and QMI. There was a similar, more detailed story on a
British TV show that was about the case published by 3D Systems in their Edge
publication on medical apps. There is also a plethora of case reports in the
medical literature, not to mention the outstanding web page of Ulrich Kliegis.
 Information abounds, approval does not. Blame it on inertia, priorities,
egos, attorneys, NIH attitudes, etc., and you're all right.

How many of us have experienced the drafters/designers who you'd have to pry
their pencils and sliderules out of their cold, dead fingers before they'd
switch to calculaters and CAD systems? Many doctors are just the same. Some
will change, some won't, and we're all skeptical to a degree.

There IS alot of activity in this area, its just not publicized, and its not
all limited to rp-ml.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person cross-listing.


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