From: Elaine Persall (
Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 16:15:11 EET

>>inauguration speech, "Nothing big ever comes from being small."

The meaning of "small" haunts the human......maybe because it implies
being unable to survive in a hostile world where being "bigger" implies
"Bigger is better" is not always true as we tend to think but yet we spend
of dollars to make things bigger. Guess ole Bill was recognizing human

>the hell out of the profit--calling any tax breaks "corporate welfare."

I agree that industrial pounding is much like social welfare pounding...words to
incite the public so they ignore the hand in their back pocket. Getting
one segment of
the population angry at another helps to get them ignore other pressing

>profit. (Profits that help to fund research for new technological

Where are these profits located? I never seem to locate anyone who has much
interest in funding research for any reason and what they do want they want it
free......charitable research.....

Charity fed anyone but makes one feel well fed. Anyone feeling hungry?


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