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> If this list is turning into a soapbox for Clinton-bashing idiots
> like this one, then get me outta here!

Man, this guy is just defending what has been said about the
"vultures." At no time did he assign the name "idiot" to you or
anyone else. It is apparent that this guy is conservative, but he
did not insult people who thought or felt any different from him.
And, I might add, he did say it was his opinion. Never did he state
that his opinion was universal fact. I think you need to learn to
accept that people are individuals, and not everyone needs to think
like you. And if they don't agree with you, you have no need to
insult them.

Anyway, I think it is important for us in the rp community to use
things like this to show how rp can benefit humanity. And, if in the
meantime 3D, DTM, Helisys, Sanders, Stratasys, etc. sell a few more
machines, then it's good for all of us. We want this technology to
be out there and be available at reasonable prices.

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> In response to Karl Denton, Terry Wohlers wrote:
> >That goes without saying. Profiting from this effort in any way goes
> >against its very spirit. As President Clinton said in yesterday's
> >inauguration speech, "Nothing big ever comes from being small."
> Business revolves around one basic premise: Making a profit by helping
> people get what they want. The so-called "spirit" of this charity proj-
> ect is pristine because it is not grouped with the hundreds of other
> cases just like it. If several of these cases appeared on this list
> each week would their "spirit" dictate that there should be no profit
> made from them? Or does it make more sense to deal with the insurance
> company, as at least one person offered, and help these people WHILE
> making a profit? If someone works with an insurance company to help
> them realize the value of an RP model for a particular case, then some
> very good things happen: the insurance company is more aware of the
> importance of RP, coding may be established for RP models, the service
> bureau (or whomever) has perpetuated the premise of good business, the
> people in need are not in a situation where they have to pay a bunch of
> money for the service, etc. If we simply do all of these types of pro-
> jects (and there will be more of them) for free, have we not missed out
> on some opportunities?; and the chance to help a broader range of
> people?
> And as for Clinton's feel-goody quote, "Nothing big ever comes from
> being small," the first thing that comes to my mind is, "Oh please..."
> First of all, virtually everything "big" in this great nation started
> with something small. And while I realize that I may be neglecting the
> context, (forgive me, but I did not watch the $32,000,000 party) I think
> we must remember that there is a much-to-large faction of government that
> looks on in disgust as businesses make money and then turn around and tax
> the hell out of the profit--calling any tax breaks "corporate welfare."
> (And then spew confusing, elevated-sounding quotes.)
> There is NO reason for business people to be embarassed for making
> money for their services--in this case or any other.
> Before I get flamed too badly, let me make these comments:
> *There is a BIG difference between making a profit by helping someone in
> need and making a killing by taking advantage of another's misfortune.
> *I think charity work is good--for all parties involved. And I think we
> need to be careful not to condemn anyone who can find a way to achieve
> the same results WHILE promoting good business practices and making a
> profit. (Profits that help to fund research for new technological
> developments.)
> *There is a broad range of people on this RP list with varying views.
> These are mine and I make no apologies for them.
> Regards,
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