Re: SL5170 & water

Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 18:36:23 EET

True, the Allied Signal resin (Exactomer, I assume you are refering to) is
not hydroscopic. However, I feel we should mention that post-processing with
the Allied resin is a bit more involved. I found that some methods for
post-processing Ciba resins just don't apply to Allied's. Both thermal and
UV curing are required for the Exactomer. Additionally, more agressive resin
stripping is required to free the part of uncured resin. I'm not saying the
Exactomer is a bad resin (If I had an extra vat of the stuff and I had a
water application, I would use it). I am saying that your post-processing
personel probably have developed methods of cleaning parts. If you decide to
use other products a paradigm shift may be required for succesful part

Jason Dickman
Hasbro Toy Group

At 09:12 AM 1/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>If you are not stuck on 5170 you could use Allied Signal resin. We make some
>valves for a local company that does flow testing with no coatings at all. BTW
>the resin builds about twice as fast as well. You get a little more shrink,
>which results in slightly less "crisp" look.
>Andy Scott
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