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From: Dan Sammons (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 01:38:13 EET

We were involved with a golf ball design that we built on our SLA350
machine and finished with a satisfied customer. The development was
such that the primary objective for DPT was to build an SLA from the
cutomer's supplied Pro/E part file that the customer to subject the SLA
part to various wind tunnel testing, etc.

The first model was built as a solid ball at 1 to 1 scale with .004"
layers and tested. The customer then asked for a seond ball at a 2 to 1
scale. This scale provided a higher level of accuracy within the dimple
patterns. In the third model we split the golf ball into 2 equal
halves, shelled the wall thickness to .100" providing a hollow shere,
used a "chord" line to key the 2 halves together (when we assembled the
ball) and built the ball with a layer thickness of .002" The customer
ultimately settled on a design which is now being machined from aluminum
as a solid shere.

I hope this helps with your project.

Dan Sammons
Design Prototyping Technologies, Inc.
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East Syracuse, New York 13057
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> -- [ From: Al Hastbacka * EMC.Ver #2.5.1 ] --
> I had a discussion with Elaine about a project that she was involved in
> for designing an improved golf ball. This may sound like a simple task,
> but remember a gold ball has lots of precisely defined dimples ( that
> are specified to 0.0005"). On top of that, the dimples face all
> different directions.
> My questions are--
> 1. Does anyone on this list know anyone who has ever successfully
> designed a golf ball with a CAD system?
> 2. Has anyone successfully made an RP model of a golf ball (actual size)
> ?
> Regards,
> Al Hastbacka

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