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Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 04:27:44 EET wrote:
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> faster coverage of the previous layer;
> lack of swelling due to lower time of object immersion in the photopolymer;
> ......

Hello RP-world,

1. there would be a lot off advantages for a "dummy resin" but in my
opinion there are a lot of problems to develop it.
It makes only sense if the dummy resin is cheaper than the original used
resin, so the possible profit ( and making profit is the most important
thing in making buisness) for the maufacturer is less.
With all the pro and contra about a dummy resin there is one main
argument pro:
I think all of the resin manufacturer ( CIBA, DuPont, Allied Signal ...
) are able to produce wonderfull resins if there is nearly no problem
with long time stability of the resin; So maybe it gets interessting for
the chemical industrie. Maybe one could check the producibility. If
anyone have informtion about it, please let me know.

2. Iīm in the RP- buisness for some years now and would be glad if we
could use this mailing list for more professional Information. The rp-ml
is made for rp-insider and in this way we could discuss the problems in
a good way. It could be used for a real "direct input" to developers in
this field.

3. I aggree with all the authors who try to minimize the discussion
about "Trash" ( sorry, but I dontīt know a better expression for that)in
this mailing list. In my opinion there is no need for discussion about
"Clinton said..., Louisville vs. Texas... or some of the STL-format
interpretations. Please send them private (also flames)! Everyone got
all the mails in the rp-ml. There is no reason for long quote repeatings

4. Who of the DuPont SOMOS 6100 users got problem with the stability of
the resin?

5. Is there a FAQ about RP?

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