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From: Michael Tsenter (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 21:18:33 EET

Jordan_Joe wrote:
> Need info on how to get started doing RTV Silicon molding. Possibly a
> vendor who sells a kit with all the goodies.
> Thanks
> Joe Jordan
> Coastal Systems Station USN

Dear Joe:

Our company supplies a range of products for RTV molding and production
of polyurethane parts. Our complete "turn-key" system involves a vacuum
chamber coupled with a pneumatic polyurethane injection system. This
equipment allows you to remove air from silicone when making a mold, and
subsequently inject de-aired polyurethane under vacuum. Since the
injection in done under vacuum, there is no need to use pressure
chambers for elimination of air bubbles.

We also sell silicone, polyurethane materials, and injection guns
Full training and technical support is standard with all of our

Feel free to contact us for additional information, material data
sheets, or a video tape showing the complete process from start to

Michael Tsenter

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