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From: Michael Rees (
Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 00:03:38 EET

Elaine Persall wrote:
.....unless you care to answer the above questions
> to the entire group or contribute your own questions and solutions.
> Elaine
I really miss the spirit of discussion that seems absent in these
exchanges. I suspect that most people are really busy and when it comes
to giving attention to non profit oriented discussions, people are just
too tired. That or maybe the details that must look after are too

I have a question. It seems that everyone agrees that the development of
tooling applications and/or the development of rapid "parts" is parmount
in the industry. For my purposes these developments will simply keep RP
financially out of reach by non experts. I wonder why there isn't a
greater emphases on desktop modelers and making this technology popular
and available? It is really not that difficult to make an inexpensive
desktop apparatus with accetable speed and resolution. What's everybody
waiting for?

Second question. Why isn't there a RACE to develop FULL PHOTOGRAPHIC
RESOLUTION COLOR rapid model technology? Why isn't there constant
discussion about ways to accomplish this? Other than the construction of
models molecule by molecule I think this represents one of the more
exciting developments. (Call me an artist if you want)

I wonder sometimes that engineers don't take the incredible intellectual
facility that they have for granted and focus too narrowly on the
subject at hand rather than the dreams of what could be. (As a sculptor,
I tend to have the opposite problem)

By the way, thank you Elaine, you add a warmth to this list.


Michael Rees

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