FDM and Issues

From: adatt@iitk.ernet.in
Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 09:14:28 EET

 Elaine (Persall) Hunt worte:
 We users have always asked 3D for the moon but I have never heard any other
 RP system user publicly ask for anything. Why?

The same question was bothering me for long. May be I'll repeat the
unanswred question:

 : What type of problems you face when you produce multiple parts in a
 FDM machine? did anybody tried?

And a new question:
 RP is moving towards RT(Rapid Tooling) very fast. We here about SLS,
 SLA and LOM geing used, specially the first two by industries to
 directly make tooling. did any body know about similar uses of other
 technology? We know that FDM can produce investment casting patterns,
 anything else beyond this?

And finally
 We reached moon in '68. Let us expect more and more.



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