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Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 13:40:05 EET

Hello RP-ers

 A.D.Bhatt wrote:

> What type of problems you face when you produce multiple parts in a
> FDM machine? did anybody tried?

1. We often produce multiple parts in our FDM1600 machine:

It's done as follows:

-Making mutiple parts in an FDM machine is done by importing the slice files
one by one. Before doing this you've processed these slice files

-After importing each file, you position it on the right place on the
foam with a moving command (maximum workspace is indicated with a
box). Of course all the files are positioned in Z on one base level.

-After importing, the parameters of the separate slice files are
marked so you can change them in the merged file also.

-Intersections of the slice files can be detected, by switching the
different views or checking on slice level.

-Because the software is user-friendly, all these actions don't give us any problems.

2. Since we would like more discussion on other techniques:

2.1 Merging files for the KIRA SAHP process goes as follows:

- Different stl files are imported and moved in position. The working
space is also indicated on the screen (A3 format). All the models are
mostly built from the base level, but can also be moved in Z.

- The number of triangles that can be in one production file is
limited, the maximum is 40.000. However it's possible to make virtual
copies of files already imported.

- Intersections are detected by using the different views, and again
this very easy because of the user friendly software.

2.2 Merging files for the LOM-2030 goes as follows:

- To merge two or more files together, you'll have to position and save
the seperate stl-files first, so that they will not intersect each
other . Afterwards it's possible to merge two files at a time. Doing
all this you'll need to have a good on where you want to position
everything in your working space.

- Checking intersections is difficult
because of the limited viewing options of the software. (Maybe the
new software is optimized on this).

Maybe this time the discussion on other techniques than SLA will

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