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Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 14:25:51 EET

Elaine Persall wrote:
> Technical questions of the week:
> How does the world handle getting an RP system to start up about 2am while
> you are home tucked into bed?
> How much progress has been made getting RP systems more push button?
> Setting build start times, automatic record keeping and reports( like the
> ones on fax machines) , automatic warning of system problems, etc.
> How does the small weaker users manage materials or vats that weigh a ton
> when forklifts don't fit? I know I could hire a grad student for muscles
> not brains but that is not cost effective.
> We users have always asked 3D for the moon but I have never heard any other
> RP system user publicly ask for anything. Why?
> Carl Fruth wrote...........................
> Im in the RP- buisness for some years now and would be glad if wecould
> use this mailing list for more professional Information. The rp-ml is made
> for rp-insider and in this way we could discuss the problems in a good
> way. It could be used for a real "direct input" to developers in this
> field........................
> I am sure that Andre and group had this in mind when the mail list started
> but still most folks listen rather than contribute. Or get angry and
> attack over what is said. If I did not have very THICK skin from years of
> abuse I wonder how long I would have stayed on this list. I now heckle
> folks to get them to think and consider other possibilities and people.
> Oh well business as usual.....unless you care to answer the above questions
> to the entire group or contribute your own questions and solutions.
> Elaine
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My solution is simple, I get up and put the next build in.

When your hungry you'll do what ever it takes, but it sure would be nice
to sleep in every now and then!!

Drew Brown
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