Re: RTV Molding

From: proto@Mcs.Net
Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 14:27:27 EET


You should consider giving Derek Ellis a call at PTE Distribution. He
sells an RTV Molding Starter Kit. PTE Distribution is a distributor of Dow
Corning Silicone, Ciba Urethanes, Vacuum Chambers, Pressure Tanks, Fast
Set Urethane Injection Systems, etc. He also supplies the training.

You can reach Derek at:

PTE Distribution
7233 Adams Street
Willowbrook, IL 60521

Phone: 630-920-0370
Fax: 630-920-0377

I hope this helps.

Bob Flint
Prototech Engineering, Inc.


On 24 Jan 1997, Jordan_Joe wrote:

> Need info on how to get started doing RTV Silicon molding. Possibly a
> vendor who sells a kit with all the goodies.
> Thanks
> Joe Jordan
> Coastal Systems Station USN

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